So what is a…



A Hackathon is a competitive event where participants work to complete challenges, write software, or solve problem within a given theme. While most hackathons (including ours) feature programming and development as major themes, some events specifically encourage non-programmers to participate! One very popular derivative of the hackathon is a Game Jam where developers program a game around a certain theme. Other events specialize into a certain field of computer science like pen testing, game development, software development, or algorithms.

Most hackathons last from 24 hours to 7 days. While the time limit does encourage outside the box-thinking via a little stress, hackathons are perfect opportunities to practice good time management, working collaboratively, solving real world problems, and learn new things! At Hack Beta we will also be providing snakes (if you like python), snacks, meals, mock interviews, and educational talks when you need a little break from all the programming. Check out our schedule and plan accordingly!

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